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An Islamic Supplications site, online since 1999 hosting all duas as taught by the Holy Prophet (saws) & his Progeny,

It includes; Arabic text in gifs ,English Translations , Transliterations , MP3 /Real Audio ,of most of the Duas & Aamals from Mafatih & other sources

It also contains Sahifa Sajjadia , Sahifa Alaviya    Sahifa Zehra &  Imam Mehdi  (atfs) & Sahifas from other Imams

It has a section where  duas for specific issues eg Rizq ,Health,,Magic , Marriage ,  Family  etc are provided along with the other Islamic knowledge /actions required in that connection. 

This is site, primarily hosting Islamic laws, as taught by the Holy Prophet (saws) & his Progeny, Ahlulbayt (AS) - (Quran 33:33). It attempts to bring clarity / document the Islamic laws, with some explanations where available, so that people at large can understand & follow HIS will.

The site also attempts to make people aware of the people i.e. Ulama - their lives/works etc who have been guiding the community since the Prophet (saww)'s time. In addition it provides glimpses of the intensive study the Ulamaa undergo to reach that status and the logical/scientific 'Process' used by them for derivation/confirmation of these laws from Quran & Authentic Hadith .

It has an extensive Madressa content section hosting content from many madressas of the world including films

The site also has a section which is a portal or a link to reliable sites for Questions & Answers relating to Islam

A detailed Islamic calendar of events & its specific recitations  Islamic Mobile Applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry,